Accounts Receivable Follow-up:
30/60/90/120 days Aggressive and consistent follow-up on your claims by all means possible.

Insurance appeals up to max level allowed per carrier. Assist patients on their appeals up to max level allowed per carrier.

Full Service Medical Billing:
Medical billing submission, posting, coding, follow-up, appeals, patient statements and monthly a/r reports. 

Insurance Verification and Authorization Services: 
Properly obtain correct insurance benefits and authorization if necessary in order to ensure proper reimbursement.

Contracting & Negotiations:
Insurance contracting and negotiations.

Billing Department:
Protocol Review Review current billing department process. Implement protocols where necessary to improve current billing cycle for optimum reimbursement.

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Trusting in MBSC will save you time and money. Providers are finding it more and more difficult to receive reimbursements from insurance carriers.  Our dedicated staff makes sure that you receive consistent, proper reimbursements in a timely manner.

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